Foreway Certifications

Foreway has been C-TPAT certified since 2007
C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism)

C-TPAT is a initiative to build cooperative relationships that ensure supply chain security aiding to border security. C-TPAT is a program built to assist Customs Border Protection with a cooperation of importers, carriers, broker, warehouse operations, freight forwarders and manufacturers. This program asks members to ensure security practices, communicate their security protocol and be re-evaluated every year to ensure compliance with the guidelines to further secure border protection.

Benefits of C-TPAT

  • A reduced number of inspections

  • An assigned account manager

  • An emphasis on self-policing, not Customs verifications

Foreway has been FAST certified since 2007
FAST (Free And Secure Trade)

FAST is a border accord initiative between the United States, Mexico and Canada. This program is to ensure security and safety. This program is to process commercial traffic though technological means. This promotes free and secure trade using risk-management principles, security, partnerships and technology to improve screening and clearing of commercial traffic at the borders. This program ensures that approved carriers are pre-screened, allowing agents to focus their time and efforts where-else as needed.

Benefits of FAST

  • FAST lanes for greater speed and efficiency in the clearance of FAST trans-border shipments

  • Reduced number of inspections

  • A partnership with the Canadian Partners in Protection (PIP) and Customs (C-TPAT) administrations

  • Supply chain security and safety

Foreway has been PIP certified since 2007
PIP (Partners IN Protection)

Partners in Protection (PIP) is a program that promotes cooperation in the private industry to enhance border security, combat organized crime and terrorism. This program asserts awareness of customs compliance, detection of contraband smuggling and acts of terrorism. This program is based on good-will with a partnership with the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA), and just this year has moved to a more progressive screening process that mirrors C-TPAT in an effort to strengthen security efforts.

Benefits of PIP

  • Low-risk transport receive quicker clearance

  • Improves security levels

  • Participation in FAST

  • Reduction of inspections

  • Border crossing efficiencies

Foreway has been utilizing User Fee Decals since 2008
User Fee Decal

User fee decals are on-board devices that allow a truck to by-pass paying a yearly fee for border crossings. The use of this device decreases the amount of time spent at the border. Carriers must be C-TPAT certified in order to use this program.

Benefits of User Fee Decals

  • Less time waiting at border crossings

  • Expedited crossings

Foreway has been a Smartway carrier since 2008, with a score of 1.25
SmartWay℠ Transport

SmartWay℠ is an innovative collaboration between EPA and the freight sector designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions, and improve energy security.

Benefits of SmartWay℠

  • Savings: Money, fuel, environment

  • Savings: Lower interest rates on technological purchases

  • Grant possibilities

  • It’s the responsible thing to do

Foreway has been using Prepass Plus since 2008
Pre-Pass Plus

Foreway has been using Prepass for many, many years and has just upgraded to Prepass plus. Prepass allows carriers to by-pass scales in states that have the technology if the weight of the load is below requirements. With Prepass plus, Foreway can now not only by-pass scales they also can electronically pay for tolls creating a more efficient way to transport loads for our customers.

Benefits of Prepass Plus

  • Less stop time at scales

  • Less stop time to pay for scales

Foreway has participated in ACE since 2007
ACE (Automated Commercial Environment)

ACE is a virtual border, designed to automate the process of cross-border shipping to provide a systematic, unified border enforcement approach. This reduces paper and lends to border clearance efficiencies.

This is not a voluntary program as of January 25, 2007; CBP will require all truck carriers crossing the border through certain points to participate. Further in the future all cross-border commercial traffic will be required to participate in ACE.