Freight Management Services

Freight Management Services Reduces Your Costs

Freight management services? Yes, we can handle your cumbersome day-to-day administrative tasks. Our team will expedite your load building, route planning and load tendering for potential savings of up to 40%. We’ll increase your trailer optimization and reduce your billable carrier miles.

Freight Management Services

  • Automated selection of lowest cost carrier

  • Isolate continuous move / backhaul opportunities for carriers and private fleet

  • Automated tendering to carriers

  • Mode selection

    • – Multi stop TL vs. LTL

    • – Intermodal vs. TL

  • Improved load building

  • Improved route planning

Value Delivered

  • Potential 40 % reduction in administrative costs

    • – Routine clerical tasks outsourced

    • – Load building, route planning and load tendering

  • Intermodal vs. TL rate 35 % or higher potential savings

  • Load planning 25 % less spend on multi-stop lanes

    • – Reduced billable carrier miles

  • Increase trailer utilization by 32 %

    • – Heavier loads

    • – Cube loads out on large orders