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Dedicated Transportation

Dedicated Truck Fleet Is Your Private Transportation Solution

Turnkey dedicated truck fleet operations assure you an excellent balance of private truck fleet responsiveness and control at a cost-effective level. Safety and regulatory compliance, skilled driver staff and continuous loop operations benefit from the support of Foreway Michigan-based trucking assets during peak shipping times.

Our dedicated transportation team will work closely with your staff to develop an optimum solution to your transportation needs. Our dedicated transportation programs have included fleets as small as 1 unit and those with more than 10 units. You can rest assured that our custom solution will deliver the most value for your transportation dollar.

Foreway Dedication Transportation Provides Value-Added Services

  • RedPrairie web-based routing, scheduling and load optimization for maximum fleet utilization

  • Blended Foreway truck fleet and partner carriers to supplement peak periods

  • QualComm satellite tracking for real time load/delivery information

  • Benchmarking for performance reporting, service analysis and continual improvements

  • Expert equipment specification and comprehensive maintenance programs

  • Thorough driving training and ongoing safety requirements

Foreway Manages Your Dedicated Trucking Program

  • Relieves your staff of day-to-day operations and long-term planning

  • Assures transportation performance is geared toward your goals

  • Partner on new developments, markets, customer service issues

  • Manages “exceptions” – unexpected demands, out-of-route shipments, equipment failures

  • Removes fixed overhead and replaces with costs to tied volume

  • Improves corporate balance sheet by removing long-term lease obligations

Foreway Assures Qualified Drivers for Your Team

  • Extensive screening and performance evaluation

  • Strict D.O.T. compliance

  • Attitude, appearance and professional courtesy

  • Knowledge of your business, your customers and your goals

Dedicated Trucking Benefits:

  • Reduce overall transportation fleet costs while assuring private fleet benefits

  • Outsource administration, liability, DOT and EPA compliance requirements

  • Focus capital and personnel resources to areas of core competencies

  • Improve cash flow

  • Strategic use of transportation to improve customer service and increase market penetration

  • Minimize “variable” risks – rising costs of insurance, fuel and taxes

  • Improve accountability of transportation function

  • Increase corporate or brand awareness through vehicle ID enhancements

  • Benchmark for continuous service improvements, cost reductions

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